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Bliss-viewer demonstration

No Sparse Dense
Line thickness:
6 ex
Symbol size:
10 ex
Font size:
14 px

Things to note:

  • "Harry Potter" and "flamingo" are not in the official vocabulary, but are built from basic concepts.
  • "Metaphorically smell" is not an official word, but a modified word.
  • To be able to use other verb indicators than the standard, you have to use the underlying concept ("nose" instead of "smell-(to)", "existence,being_(2)" instead of "be,am,are,is,exist-(to)").
  • The indicator is attached to the first non-modifier character in a word ("metaphor" and "combine_marker" are modifiers).
  • The plural indicator has moved to the left for "feet", since it is not a symmetric character.
  • The indicator has moved 20px up for "pineapples", since the pineapple is an extra high character.
  • "bird" and "mouth" (in "songbirds"), and "make-believe_man" and "group-of" (in "Tarzan") are kerned (moved 10px closer).
  • The spacing between words are full-width, but before punctuation it is half-width space. Between characters it is quarter-width space (except when characters are kerned).
  • If you resize the window, the sentence word-wraps.
  • Everything is in SVG!

Note: Separate text words and Blisswords with double-colon (::), and separate sentences with an empty line.